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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I downgrade my package ?

You can downgrade your package at any time. Downgrades are applied at the beginning of the next billing period. So let's say you call in to downgrade in the middle of the billing month, it won't be active before the next bill is generated.

If you ordered a business package to begin with, you can only change between the business packages in the first 6 months.

Can I upgrade my package ?

You can upgrade your package at any given time. Upgrades are usually applied within 24 hours. The equipment we use for packages up to 2 mbit/s is always the same, packages faster than that might require a CPE replacement and depend on availability.

Can I use my broadband wirelessly around my house ?

Airwire Broadband is Fixed Wireless, which means, that we bring it to you wirelessly, but we will provide you the connection via a cable, a network cable to be precise.

If you want to use your connection wirelessly around the house, you need to buy a wireless access point or router, that you connect to the cable, we supply.

These routes are often specified as routers for cable-modem internet connection. Just make sure, that it's not an ADSL router, as that won't work.

We recommend the following models: Linksys WRT54G, Linksys WRT54GS, Linksys WRT54G2, Linksys WRT160N, AVM Fritz!box (all models)

Certain pages (like Google, Gmail, Youtube) are seriously slow to load. What can I do to fix this ?

With Windows Vista and Windows 7, what can happen is, that you are using Teredo to access these sites. To disable Teredo, use the following steps:

  • Open elevated command prompt by clicking on Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and click Run as Administrator. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Continue.
  • At the command prompt, type the following lines (press ENTER after each line):
    • netsh
    • interface
    • teredo
  • At the netsh interface teredo command prompt, type:
    • set state disabled

The pages that were loading very slowly should be loading normally now.

Do I need a phoneline for your service ?


Airwire Broadband is a two-way service, which means, that you do not need a phoneline, we do not interfere with your phoneline and if your have a phoneline, you will be able to make phonecalls, even though you are using the broadband.

Do I own the CPE, once it's installed ?


The CPE stays property of Airwire and we'll service it, in case of failure. We will also take care of any upgrades needed in conjunction with changes in our network.

How big is the antenna ?

The antenna we mount is a small panel, usually white, about 1 sq. ft. in size.

How can i forward the ports from the public IP to my router/computer ?

If your computer already gets a public IP, you don't need to do anything.

If you were installed after July '07, all you'll need to do is to set your router or computer to the following settings:

  • IP address:
  • Netmask:
  • Gateway:
  • DNS 1:
  • DNS 2:

If you were installed before July '07 or these settings don't do the job for you, please contact support and we'll make the necessary changes.

How do Airwire's packages compare to other providers ?

If you want to see average speeds of different providers across Ireland, these statistics of might be helpful.

How is the antenna mounted ?

We will usually mount the antenna either with a bracket on the wall or a lashing kit on the chimney, depending on the type of antenna we need to use and what fits best to your property. A cable is then run from the antenna to a designated place inside the building. We feed the broadband connection and power for the equipment used for the broadband connection in the same cable.

I can't send eMail. My eMail program gives me an error message!

If you have troubles sending eMail, please check your outgoing mailserver (SMTP) in the settings of your eMail software.

For Mozilla Thunderbird go to: Menu "Edit" -> "Account Settings". Find the item "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" and add our SMTP server there.

Our SMTP is:

I want to connect more than one computer. Can I do that ?


We will only do one cable-run to one designated location on the premise, but we can provide additional wiring if needed. This will be billed additionally.

If you want to do this yourself or hire an electrician to do so, all you need is a router or switch at the point, where we bring our cable to and then CAT5 ethernet cabling from there to all the points that you want to connect.

Our CPE acts as a firewall (NAT gateway) already and allows you to operate more than one computer.

Is my broadband connection firewalled ?

Your broadband connection comes by default with a simple firewall/router option, that allows you to connect multiple PC's to the broadband connection without the use of a router. We suggest though, that you as a minimum have a virus-scanner installed on your machine.

Is there a monthly limit on the service ?


We don't imply any quota, cap or fair policy limit on our service. The package you buy is always on, with the only limit being your speed and eventual contention. Use it as much as you like.

What is contention ?

The number of people at any given time that could potentially be using the same chunk of bandwidth that you are.

The general picture could be described like this:

Its a bit like the road. If the road is empty, it takes 30 minutes to get from Kinvara to Galway, but at 9am in the morning, it takes a bit longer. More traffic, more contention.

8:1 is better than 20:1.

In general contention only shows at peak time, if you see degraded speed consistently at all times, something is wrong and you should contact support

What is the login at the top of the Airwire website for ?

The login at the top of the Airwire website allows our customers to access their billing details, like the installation and billing address, invoices and transactions. If you supply us with your email-address, you can contact to get your access password for the site.

What type of router works with Airwire ?

If you want to use your connection wirelessly around the house, you need to buy a wireless access point or router, that you connect to the cable, we supply.

These routes are often specified as routers for cable-modem internet connection. Just make sure, that it's not an ADSL router, as that won't work.

We recommend the following models: Linksys WRT54G, Linksys WRT54GS, Linksys WRT54G2, Linksys WRT160N, AVM Fritz!box (all models)

What's a CPE ?

CPE stands for "Customer Peripheral Equipment". In our case this consists of the antenna, the radio, that is contained within the antenna, a small PoE (Power over Ethernet) splitter within the premises and a power supply.

Which are Airwire's DNS servers ?

We suggest to use Googles DNS service or similar. By default our system uses these DNS servers:


HThe CPE or basestation should always provide you with the correct DNS settings by DHCP.

How can I get IPv6 connectivity ?

We've made it as easy as possible. There are 4 ways to get IPv6 connectivity. You can:

  • Contact support for enabling your CPE for IPv6 natively. We will allocate either a /64 to the lan port of your CPE or on request provide you with a /56 (256 /64 segments), depending on your need.
  • Sign up for a SixXS account and request a tunnel on our SixXS PoP. This should even work, when you have a router, that isn't capable of IPv6.
  • Configure a 6to4 IP. We operate a local 6to4 gateway, so connectivity should be fairly good.
  • Enable Teredo on your PC. Teredo should always be considered last resort and is not recommended. However, it is available on various platforms and even ships by default with some of them. Also for Teredo, we operate our own gateway, which should help improve connectivity.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our support team.

Is it possible to access the whole Internet using IPv6 only ?

Yes, it is possible. If you have IPv6 from ourselves, you can specify the following nameservers:

  • 2a02:278:1::40

The combination of those nameservers and a special gateway, that allows you to access IPv4 hosts from IPv6-only networks (using NAT-PT on one of our Cisco routers) will let you set a IPv6 only network up.

Why do you use twitter for network updates ?

Twitter allows our customers to access network status information easy. It can be accessed by mobile devices, anything that supports RSS feeds and via our website.

On top of that, it's external to our network, so should the worst possible scenario happen, not that we'd ever want it to come to that, it should still be accessible. It also allows us to update the messages on the fly via sms from a cellphone, anywhere, any time.

Are there radiation dangers from the broadband connection ?

We operate in the unlicensed ISM spectrum, which limits us to power outputs between 100mW and 2W maximum, depending on frequency.

The cellphone that you carry around with you every day and that you hold up to your ear, can emmit up to 2W, while our antenna is situated on your roof and is very directional, with minimal radiation down and up.

Our equipment is significantly less powerful than your cellphone. Trees and buildings will take so much out of our signal, that we not might be able to provide you with a connection, if you don't have "Line of Sight" to our nearest basestation.


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