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Fee Structure

Type VAT rate Fee excl. VAT Fee incl. VAT
Billing related charges
Paper Invoice 13.5% €4.41 €5.00
Returned cheque 13.5%
€8.81* €10.00*
Defaulted Direct Debit collection 13.5%
€7.05* €8.00*
Reconnection fee (after suspension for non payment) 13.5%
€44.06 €50.00
Engineer charges
Missed appointment (by customer) or cancellation
less than 24 hour prior visit (by customer)
€44.06 €50.00
Survey (without signing up to service) 13.5%
€44.06 €50.00
Service call - non-Airwire issue (please check terms and conditions) 13.5%
€60.00 €68.10
Moving house (service visit) 13.5%
€44.06 €50.00
Reconnection fee (no service visit) 13.5%
€44.06 €50.00
Phone related charges
Phone AddOn setup fee (includes router upgrade) 13.5%
€43.17 €49.00
Irish phone number supplied by us -
Free Free
Porting of an irish phone number 13.5%
€13.22 €15.00
Porting of an international phone number 13.5%
on request on request

(* Fees are handling fees are inclusive of bank-charges occured to ourselves, where this applies. They are applied additionally to the monthly price on a per invoice/collection basis).

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